Suerte. Super Bowl Edition

 Yahoo Sports

Birdman tweeted this the other day. So does this mean that he took the bet already or that he’s going to take that bet? Either way I call bullshit. I’m not believing this until I see a picture of the ticket stub like Mayweather does. I would say take New England to the bank, but the way the G-men are playing I have no idea what to tell you. After taking out the Bengals, Packers, and Niners, I think the pick here is G-men +3. As always winning pick in bold, home team on the right. For this special Superbowl Edition of suerte, I’m picking prop bets as well.

Giants +3 at New England Patriots Over 55
Coin Toss Heads
First Possession Patriots
First Timeout Patriots
First Score Field Goal or Safety
First Turnover Fumble
Superbowl MVP Eli Manning
Player to Score First Touchdown Gronkowski


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