Call Girl to Cover Girl. Former Underage Prostitute Is Making Headlines Again

Dailymail- One year ago French Moroccan prostitute Zahia Dehar made headlines after it was claimed she had been paid for sex while underage by three French football stars.While their lives were shattered by the allegations, 19-year-old Zahia’s fortunes were transformed entirely. And today, her metamorphosis from call girl turned cover girl is complete, as Zahia launches a line of lingerie at Paris couture week with a lookbook photographed by one of the world’s top designers. For a girl who just a year ago was selling her body for cash, the transformation has been dramatic.Soon after the allegations came to light, Zahia became a lingerie model, appearing on the cover of V magazine and in Vanity Fair Italy, among other publications. The latest venture for the former call girl is a line of ‘couture’ lingerie which Zahia is to present this afternoon at the high profile haute couture week.

I refuse to believe this girl was a hooker. If any of you have seen a prostitute in real life, you’ll know exactly what I mean. Hookers look like the girls you see at a club and wish they don’t start rubbing their ass on you. And if you want to know what a ho looks like in real life, drive down Western near the 101 anytime from midnight to 4 am and you can see them in their natural habitats. Even though this girl was a hooker, I like where her heads at. If at age 16, you suck dick so well that professional soccer players 12 years older than you are paying for it, you know you can make a career out of it. So what did she do? She got caught fucking older men and started making clothes so that 16 year old girls all over France can follow in her footsteps. I thought America was the only country that liked a good rags to riches story.

Cue the side air hump.


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