Wait What? You Don’t Like Facebook Timeline? Too Bad

Facebook is the virtual home to more than 800 million active users, so any change to how the network operates is a big deal. And nothing could be bigger for the social hotspot than completely revamping everyone’s front-facing profile page, and that is exactly what is happening today. Starting this morning, the new Timeline feature — that up until now has been an optional switch — is now mandatory.

Yeah I’m fucking quitting facebook for sure now. Facebook Timeline is the most confusing obnoxious shit that they’ve done to facebook so far. I can stand how they changed the pictures, the weird newsfeed changes, and even the fucking creepy ass friendship thing. Timeline though, with their fucking cover pictures and entire history of my facebook life dating back to 2007 is too much. If you’re still using facebook by the time they’re done with their Nazi changes, make sure to like the loudmouse page.


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