Teenager Calls 911 ‘Because She Heard Mother Having Sex With Boyfriend’

DailyMail– A 15-year-old girl called police in the middle of the night and asked to be put in a Christian children’s shelter after she heard her mother and boyfriend having sex.
The teenager dialled 911 at 4am last Thursday after confronting her 35-year-old mother. The girl told police that she felt ‘disrespected’. An officer went to the house in Panama City, Florida where the girl asked to be removed from her home. The mother explained to the policeman that she sometimes invited her boyfriend around to the house in the evening. The 35-year-old added that ‘their bedrooms are next to each other and she didn’t intend to wake her daughter up’.

Fucking kids these days. I wish my daughter would do this to me. I’d drive her to the shelter myself and just go home and laugh. Wait it out til my daughter started sharing stories with all the other girls at the shelter. Oh you heard your parents fucking each other? My dad uses me as an ashtray. My mom locks me in cage. My grandmama sold me to some pimps. I sell crack for a living. The stories are endless child. Parenting 101 while you have pillowtalk with juvenile delinquents. You can take that disrespected shit down to your local foster home any day of the week breakfast lunch and dinner.


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