I’m The Real-Life 40-Year-Old Virgin!

DailyMail Like a lot of young girls, Charlotte Baird promised herself she wouldn’t sleep with a man unless he was ‘the one’. But aged 11, she didn’t anticipate it would take over 30 years to meet him. The theatre manager, from Leigh-On-Sea, Essex, turns 40 in May – and has never even been kissed.She revealed she has only been on two dates in the last ten years. But Charlotte, who claims she doesn’t want children, is in no rush.She told The Sun: ‘Being celibate suits me and, as I have never had sex, I don’t miss it.’ ‘I love my life and just because I haven’t “done the deed” it doesn’t make me weird.’

How is this news? There are hundreds, if not thousands of 40 year old virgins out there. This broad practically begged dailymail so that she could get some publicity for tongue action from some english sucker. Listen up and listen up close. There are 2 types of 40 year old virgins out there. The nuns who do it on purpose and make it a point to be pure and the people who don’t have an opportunity because they look like Charlotte Baird. Nobody wants to fuck a virgin past the age of 15. Theres too much responsibility. You might get some french kiss shit done by 50, but I’m sorry to tell you your dusty vagina is probably getting 0 action until you die.


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