Chinese Soldiers Pass Around LIVE GRENADE In Military Training Exercise

I’ve been racking my brain, trying to see how this is possible. They’re clearly Chinese based on the news tickers. They’re clearly soldiers based on their uniforms. And that obviously is some sort of explosion going on. The thing is, that Chinese people are fucking pussies. If they weren’t, they’d have taken over the world by now with their 2 bajillion people. But nope. They’re just over there across the ocean wondering who all those sweaters they knit go to. And then I just gave up. Just concluded that there are 6 people in China who aren’t like the rest and put China on the map UNTIL I read the comments. “FAKE! @:19 seconds dude drops the smoke bomb at his feet and a totally different bomb blows up in the hole.” Fucking knew it. No way anybody in China could do this.


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