You Ungrateful Fucks

Ok you little free-loading,ungrateful,dreamless little lazy fucktards.
Is it so fuckin hard to see to the right side of the screen and “Like” our got damn Facebook page?
It doesn’t cost you little maggots any money and it sure makes our low-self esteem rise like your boners when we post pictures of sexy bitches you drool over.
Oh, just so that I’m not being sexist, I wanna cover both grounds.
This shit goes out to the whores that try to figure out what goes on in the mind of the greatest example of the male gender by visiting our website.

Day after day we give you countless entries of wisdom,wit,and humor and yall telling me that you can’t “Like” a fuckin Facebook page?

I better see more “Likes” on our Facebook page come Tuesday morning.
Or I’m going to a private Tarot Card Palm Reader to cast a spell on you bitch made fuckers to live a life of only running into the driest vagina’s known to man-kind.
Again, showing consideration to the female gender, your spell will consist of sexual intercourse with a man that’s thrusting his pathetic 1-inch penis into your cave…for 5 seconds.

P.S. – Like Our Facebook page please.


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