I Need This Japanese Urinal Game

I need this. After watching this video, every time I take a piss will be in vain. I will be wasting urine if I’m not peeing on a bullseye to make a news reporters skirt go up from here on out. This is literally the best bathroom invention since the bidet. My mom got a bidet recently and I fucking love it. I tried the water in the asshole and it’s not for me. What I love is that seat warmer. I fucking hate that feeling in the morning when you really have to go and you take a seat and all you feel is ice cold circle. I don’t even remember what that feels like anymore because my seat is heated to my liking. I haven’t wasted any poo in months.

PS. If I saw this at a bar, I’d literally never leave the bathroom except to get more alcohol.


One thought on “I Need This Japanese Urinal Game

  1. This thing is crazy i really think it needs to be in the U.S as well as Canada it would make a killing . also i kinda feel bad for Sega you know your in hard times when you have to make pee games lol

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