Happy Chinese New Years. Not That You Care

So Chinese New Years is here and apparently it’s my “golden year”. The year of the Dragon starts today. Well this is what the horoscopes say about 2012 for me. ““Dragons get excited when it is their year and their pace, but they can become over confident,” chides Chung. He believes the path for the Dragon is clear: “Be good to your body, accept new love, and you will find wealth through routine.”” What the fuck does this mean? Find wealth through routine? Keep posting on loudmouse and I’ll become a millionaire by years end? I just want those little red envelopes and chocolate coins homie. Accept new love? I’m always down for new love. Be good to your body? That’s not even a fortune. Who doesn’t that one apply to. I’m just going to take away from this that I’m gonna be rich as hell, buffer than all fuck and be getting laid left and right. Year of the Dragon bitches.

Find your Chinese Horoscope here.


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