No Wonder They Say Soccer is a Girl’s Sport in the US

As a coach, how the fuck do you tell your team to “try n get back in the game” when your team is down 7-0 in the FIRST half?
Give me Phil Jackson, give me Alex Ferguson, give me the best damn coach you know, it wouldn’t make a bit of difference.
Now only if the U.S. can get their Men’s team to play like the Women’s team, soccer would be more of a popular sport in the States.
Actually, the smartest thing for the U.S Men’s team is to pick up some of these dyke looking bitches on the Women’s team, and throw em on the Men’s team.

No one will know. It’ll be our dirty little secret, word to All-American Rejects.
OOH! Pun inteded!

P.S. – I fucks with Alex Morgan though. Hope Solo is a little iffy. She’s pretty, but if we had sex, she’d be fucking me, not the other way around.


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