How YouTube Ruined Rap : Al P of The Yellow Boyz vs Jit the Shit

If I had two people I could kill without going to jail, it might be these two fuckers right here.
I’m talking bout a pardon for equalizing these mother-less fucks without hesitation.
Now before I wipe you of your existence, let the Grand Daddy of Microphones give you some tips on being half-way decent.

Al P :

– If you’re going to use Asian references in your raps, don’t do it so that you look stupid.
You already over there lookin like Majin Buu from Dragon Ball Z with your dental floss eyes, don’t make it worse by slurring some Pong Ling Shoos.
– You’re not cool nor big enough to start setting trends. That means your goggles on the top of your forehead has got to go. You ain’t snowboarding inside a radio-station nor are you impressing anyone with that neck-tie and fur-hat combo.

Jit The Shit :

– Get yourself some chapstick or vaseline, FAST. You look like you just robbed a fuckin’ donut store and ate only the powdered ones.
Fuck is wrong with you lookin like you made out with Tony Montana’s table of coke?
– You look like you got rotten gum wrapper on your teeth. Is that why I can’t understand ONE fuckin word that’s coming out them crusty lips? I don’t know who the fuck made you champion for two weeks, but if it’s that easy, Grand Daddy of the Microphone is on the redeye to ATL.

P.S. – Al P, do yourself a favor and call your career a wrap real quick. You’re on some wanna be Crown J shit, and he’s not someone you wanna be like.


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