Speaking Of Dead People

Did you guys know the guy who taught us how to dougie died last year? M-bone was killed May 15 when a gunman pulled up alongside his car and shot him twice in the head. Another legend down for the count. I was wondering why they weren’t making any new songs.

Top 5 Dougies of all time after the jump

1)Kate Upton. I don’t think I need to write why she’s number one.

2)John Wall. Give credit where it’s due. John Wall can fucking dougie.

3)womanbeater brown. Guy is talented as a motherfucker but I still think people are too quick to forgive the wifebeater. Probably would be number 1 if I didn’t hate him so much.

4)The Oregon Duck. I just realized, this duck probably got a handjob from that cheerleader after this.

5)I fucking hate Skip Bayless so anytime he does something to make himself look like an idiot, I love it.


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