So I guess Khloe ISN’T a Kardashian For Real.

I wrote last week about how people were saying Khloe’s not a Kardashian, but holy shit. What a curveball? This is what the Kardashian show should be all about. The whole next season of Lamar and Khloe. How does it feel to be the daughter of the devil? You are the anti christ Khloe. You guys wanted attention, well here it is you fucking attention whores.

My dads an asshole. I’m kind of glad I don’t know him, but I know who he is and it’s a safe bet that he’s my real dad. That situation is a whole shit ton better than thinking your dad is the same dad that jizzed in your mom to make your sisters, growing up wondering why you look nothing like them and then find out 25 years later that he wasn’t your real dad. And then to add on that, be scared as fuck that anyone remotely close to your family can just start claiming that they jizzed in your mom too.


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