NBA Top 10 01/19/2012

Yesterdays game was… well if you saw it then you know what I’m talking about. I’m not going to sit here and talk shit about the Lakers because that’t not who I am. Wait. That’s exactly who I am. Where the FUCK were all the Lakers fans on facebook when they were losing by 21. I honestly wanted a fun game. Down to the last 2 minutes, Kobe vs Lebron, but Kobe didn’t even show up yesterday. 1-9 through the first quarter? They were scoreless for like 6 minutes that half. I only sat through the 4th quarter to see who was going to end up winning the hat. What an awesome last 3 minutes. I know Kobe didn’t want to go out like that against Lebron so he put the Lakers on his back. I think with 2 something left to play the combined score was 51. They scored 14 points in those last 2 minutes. Good ending. And say what you want Lakers, Miami is the least of your worries. They just exposed all the holes and weaknesses of the Mike Brown defense. Lakers need to do something by the trade deadline or the Clippers bandwagons going to be overflowing.


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