Throwback Thursdays. Learning Shit on TV

TV is so fucking garbage these days. Other than the History Channel and Basketball games, there’s nothing on anymore. Remember when TV used to teach us stuff. Now what do we learn from TV? To wait til you’re 16 to get pregnant and fist pumping gets you laid? Those aren’t life lessons. Seeing Will get shot at the ATM and Carlton learning that things don’t always work out in your favor is a life lesson. That was truly moving television. I can’t remember the last time I was truly moved by TV. Unless you count the bowel movement I feel coming on whenever I get sucked into an episode of Jersey Shore. There just doesn’t seem to be any truly great sitcoms anymore. The ones that teach lessons about diet pills and anorexia and all the other things facing teenagers these days. Where are my future kids supposed to learn about the dangers of racial profiling and alcohol? From me? Pfftt…good luck, kids.


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