Kodak Files for Chapter 11

Where the fuck are you bitch ass hipsters when we ACTUALLY need you?
I don’t need your asses blocking traffic when you’re on your bicycle.
I need you to buy a fuckin camera that has ACTUAL film so you can save an iconic brand that’s revolutionized capturing memories.

Here’s the deal.
Kodak is broke. Since 03, they managed to shutdown 13 plants,130 labs,and 47,000 workers off their payroll.
Let’s face it. All you bitches hitting the clubs on the weekend can’t have ONE night without taking a group picture in the bathroom. So do yourself a favor and take it with a disposable camera.
There’s a certain beauty to only having one shot at the memory that you want, accurately capturing it, and eagerly awaiting the results of your aim while the pictures are developed.

I’ll be damned if the iconic company of photography goes down into flames because you fatasses refuse to walk to the fuckin nearest Walgreens to get that shit developed.

P.S. – Kodak pictures can’t be photoshopped, so you ugly bitches that’s false advertising on Facebook don’t stand a chance. A win-win for us fellas.


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