The No Pants Subway Ride Flash Mob Something

Fact. I hate flash mobs. Whether you’re doing a marriage proposal, a robbery, or just dancing like idiots. I hate them. I’m glad I don’t take public transportation so I’d probably never run into them, but it’s just obnoxious. Now I know you think I’m going to praise the people who participated in this panty flash mob, but unless the mob is flashing, I’m totally saying, what the fuck is this for? Undie runs donate clothes to local charities. Get over yourselves hipsters. Nobody wants to see you in your underwear. More pics after the jump.

Okay my mind is starting to change a little bit
NevermindEwI take EVERYTHING I just said back. I would ride the subway in my Hanes briefs for iPhone cutie. Nothing hotter than a girl wearing boxers.


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