These Korean People Need To Calm The Fuck Down

NeonTommy-A small crowd of about 20 people gathered in Los Angeles’ Korean Resource Center (KRC) Tuesday morning, speaking out against what they called “inflammatory remarks” made against minorities by KFI AM 640’s John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou. The press conference focused on what members of the Korean-American community called the “spread of false facts and hate speech” on The John and Ken Show, and discussed what should be done to prevent it from recurring. The John and Ken Show upset the Korean-American community during their Jan. 5 broadcast, when Kobylt discussed a lawsuit against his “Korean painter” and claimed that he sued him for not doing an adequate job. When Shannon Farren, a news contributor to the show, asked why his ethnicity was relevant, Kobylt said, “…there’s a lot of, like, Korean painter scam guys” and “there’s certain cultures that become involved in certain lines of work.”

Wait what? Why are Korean people so defensive? Is that not true? Are you not a bunch of scammers? There’s even a word in the korean dictionary for swindlers who do shit like that. You guys produce like the fakest Louis Vuitton handbags ever and what happens when you run into a handbag store lady in downtown? She swears that shits real and tries charging you $400 for it. I’ve heard countless stories where people get offered a job, are told to open a bank account, get a bonus of like $1000, and then when they check the bank account a month later they’re -$10,000 owing banks thousands for the rest of their lives. Maybe this is one of those things like how black people can only call other black people n*ggers. I guess only Korean can call other Koreans scammers.


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