Air Jordan VI Yeezy Customs

I’ve never really been into custom Jordan. A lot of times it comes off as either a half ass job or a cheap-looking outcome. But I have never seen a custom so thouroughly executed. Mike Nameus took an a Jordan VI body and infused the Yeezy Net/Net colorway. Not only did he do an incredible job on the paintwork, the dude seared the “Y” print on the toebox and yes… he turned the infamous Jordan VI tranluscent soles into glow in the dark. I may be a little biased due to the fact that the Net/Nets were my favorite colorway out of the bunch, but in this entry.. my thoughts are the only ones that matter.

Here’s the breakdown for all you down syndromes that don’t know sneakers but pretend to anyways.. A little knowledge for that ass.

He took that.

He looked at this.

And he made these.

They don’t really look wearable. The only reason I say that is because the fabric on the inside of the shoe seems to be painted, not dyed. I may be wrong, but who cares. It was a dope ass custom. Kudos to you Mr. Nameus.


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