Mollywhopped. Sort of.

Caught On Surveillance: 15-Year-Old Throws A Brick At Lesbian’s Car Windshield Causing Driver To Lose Control & Pinning A Man Against A Pole! Fort Lauderdale Police released surveillance footage Thursday of the fight at Nada Market where a man threw a brick through a car windshield, causing the driver to lose control and crash into a bystander. The bystander loses his leg it had to be amputated

How do people know things like this and why is it relevant to the video. Like who the fuck cares if its a lesbian driving. I thought it was the lesbian stopping the fight was a guy this entire time. Kind of throws off my entire perception of the fight. Was the guy getting his ass punched a lesbian too? Was the brickthrower a topless lesbian? I’m confused. All I know is that it shouldn’t take 5 punches to the face and 3 kicks to the car before you leave.


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