If you dont know who Stephen Hawking is

youre a moron.

Pics of Stephen Hawking in The Simpsons and Futurama for the morons.

Mr. Hawking is literally a fuckin genius but theres something that still baffles his mind… WOMEN! The article is about a bunch of malarkey we dont understand but right there in the first 2 paragraphs is all we need. If this mother fucker cant figure yall bitches out im not sure who can. I always wondered to myself how the fuck you bitches can bleed for a fuckin week straight without fuckin dying. That shit is besides me and I guess Hawking too. Puts me in company with a genius.



  1. As one of the bitches, I’d say that line about bleeding for a week without dying was funny, except that it’s been bandied about for at least 20 years. Hackneyed. Get original or get off the subject.

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