Internet Addiction Harms Brain ‘Like Cocaine’

SkyNewsInternet addiction can be as damaging to teenagers’ brains as alcohol and drugs, a study suggests.Scientists say internet addiction disorder (IAD) is a recently recognised condition where individuals spend unhealthy amounts of time online.Researchers have now discovered it disrupts nerve wiring in adolescent brains in a similar way to people exposed to cocaine and cannabis.They believe it shows that being hooked on a behaviour can be just as physically damaging as addiction to drugs.Denied access to their computers, people may experience distress and withdrawal symptoms including tremors, obsessive thoughts, and involuntary typing movements of the fingers.The new study involved scans on the brains of 17 internet-addicted adolescents and 16 non-addicted individuals in China.Previous studies have shown abnormal white matter structure in the brains of people who have had alcohol, cocaine and cannabis among other drugs.

Wait… What? Did I read that right? This study was done in china? Oh. That has nothing to do with us then. Don’t act like your Internet is on par with America’s Internet chinks. Okay yeah fine, our government patrols our browsing histories to see if we’re buying baking soda and bunsun burners or if we’re googling child pornography but we have the most raw, uncut version of the world wide web. Where do you think porn originated bro? Where do you think yelp is from (yes food and porn are almost the exact same thing). So keep your Chinese studies to yourself because our kids who are addicted to Internet browsing, are already damaged from cocaine and cannabis.


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