Don’t Leave Bad Yelp Reviews For Boners BBQ Cause This Is What Happens

DailyMailA BBQ restaurant used Facebook and Twitter to launch a personal attack on a customer who they claimed had not tipped waiting staff after her meal.The manager at Boners BBQ ranted online at customer Stephanie Stuck, using expletives and linking abusive comments to a picture of her and her personal accounts. However Mrs Stuck insisted that she did tip – and that abuse from the restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia came after she posted an unfavourable review, saying the food was tepid.Mrs Stuck had decided to go with her husband to celebrate his birthday at Boners BBQ and used a discount coupon from a money-saving website. After the coupon was applied, the meal cost $30 – and the couple said they left $40.The owner of Boners BBQ has since apologised and said he has been overworked and stressed, adding that a lot of people recently had not been leaving tips.

First things first, using a coupon on a birthday dinner is just mean. Might as well split the bill right down to the penny with your husband while you’re at it. Anyways, leave it to a place called Boners BBQ to embarrass the shit out of themselves for not knowing simple math. 40 minus 10 = 30 which means the 10 was a 25% tip. Who tips 25% and leaves a bad yelp review? Makes no sense. I actually see what you mean here Andre Capron. I get your math now. Bad yelp review plus no tip times the fat mirror self picture to the 5th power equals an angry restaurant owner who’s not going to own a restaurant pretty soon.


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