Fat Ladies, Meet A Modern Day Hero. Wait did I Say Hero?

FashionistaPlus-Size Model Editorial Says Runway Models ‘Meet the Physical Criteria for Anorexia’Models–their size, their age, even their gender–are provoking a lot of polarizing discussion lately. And plus-size model advocates (and their “real-woman” counterparts) are adding food for thought–or fuel to the fire, depending on your perspective. In its January issue, Plus Model Magazine just published an editorial lensed by Victoria Janashvili and featuring plus-size model Katya Zharkova. In it, Katya, who is totally naked, is surrounded by various facts and figures about size and models.

Listen toots, I’d love to be a male pornstar, but my dick isn’t as long as my arm so that’s out the window. It would be amazing if Jumbaco diets helped me get killer abs and really big biceps, but I’d more likely get diabetes and breast cancer. That’s just life. You either get the skinny cigarette and water diet with hundreds of hours in the gym to be a model, or you get fat lazy life of sitting on your ass and chowing down on everything that moves to be a fat journalist. Can’t have the best of both worlds lady. Sex sells and your lumpy butt and love handles don’t exactly scream sex.

How does that saying go? If its not broke why fix it? Well listen honey you’re broke and you need to fix yourself and when I say broke I mean fat and when I say fix yourself I mean lose 100 pounds if you want to be a naked model. You have a nice figure for a soccer mom who bakes rice krispies or a real estate salesman but leave the modeling for the skinny people.

After the jump if this is your kind of thing.


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