Fucking Jack. Gets me every time. I’m a sucker for a good commercial. Literally just ate a jumbaco like 15 minutes ago. Almost impossible to eat it the way the kids told me to, but what a deal. $4.29 for all that.Almost EXACTLY what I looked like when I ordered.

Best Jack in the box commercials after the jump.

da da da da Mini Sirloin Burgers. Midgets + mini horses=genius jack.

Damn that was a deal. Egg Rolls alone are like 2 bucks each now and when did they ever have churros?

Never seen this one on tv. Bold move Jack. Never saw that coming. Force feeding the coke, the french fry and then the burger. Bold move.

Genius. Marketing to 90% of the Jack In the Box customer base. Drunk college kids.

Again. Marketing to the other 90% of Jack In the Box Customer base. Potheads of America who pay in quarters, dimes and nickels.

Meat. Cheese. Meat. Cheese.

One of the less funny ones.



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