HIV Activists To Put To Vote: Pornstars Must Wear Condoms…

Huffington-Post-HIV/AIDS activists are one step closer to mandating condom use in adult films now that the Los Angeles City Clerk has officially verified the gathered signatures on a proposed ballot measure, reports the Los Angeles Times.The measure, championed by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, would require filmmakers to agree to use condoms on their sets in order to obtain a city permit for filming.Suny Cho, a city clerk staffer, confirmed to the Huffington Post that the city notified petition organizers that the measure was received and the signatures verified with random sampling, which qualifies it for placement on a ballot. The measure gathered more than 70,000 signatures, almost twice the 41,000 signatures required.

I have not heard news this bad since… ever. Condoms suck. Do you know why guys volunteer to wear condoms? Real talk, no guy has ever put a condom on because he didn’t want to get someone pregnant. You always have time to pull out and nut in her bellybutton. Always. No guy has ever put on a condom because he didn’t want an STD either because if you thought that bitch had STD’s, you wouldn’t fuck her in the first place. Drunk people put it on because either way, neither of you feel it.

And you know what sucks even more than wearing condoms? Condom’s in porn. I guess parents have given in that every kid in America watches porn so they’re trying to brain wash em to use condoms now. Why can’t these people just get a mascot or a DARE commercial? Might actually be time to finally go register to vote.


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