Man Dials 911, Lodges Complaint About Hookers

The Smoking Gun-DECEMBER 27–A Pennsylvania man is facing a criminal rap after he called 911 to report that a pair of prostitutes had left his home without fully “servicing” him, cops report.Police allege that Jerry Streng, 63, paid the women $400 and brought the hookers back to his Berlin home. As Streng told a cop, he hired the pair “for the purpose of ‘Smoking Smoke’ and engaging in sexual intercourse,”After Streng called police to report a robbery, an officer was dispatched last week to his home, where he explained that the “agreement was that he was supposed to be in the middle of both women while the three of them engaged in sexual activity with each other.” Instead, Streng contended, the prostitutes got undressed, “started smoking his ‘Smoke,’” and “did not invite him in the bed.” He responded by disrobing and getting in his bed. “But the two women put him on the end, and not in the middle like they agreed to.”Relegated to the end–and not in the desired man in the middle slot–Streng was left to grope the breast of the female closest to him. But after that fleeting fondle, “the two females took his money and left without fully ‘servicing’ him.”

As I always say, to each his own. I mean, I’m sure if I looked like Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden at the same time, I’d be paying for sex my entire life. So why did Jerry Streng get arrested? He had every right to call 911. He got robbed. He paid these 2 handsome women to smoke his smoke and to be in the middle of the bed during sex and they left before that happened with the money. Sounds like a robbery to me. If I go to you for a Car Wash and there is still bird shit on my sunroof when you hand me the keys, I’m telling your manager. If I pay $400 dollars for 2 craigslist crackwhores to smoke smokes with me and let me be in the middle, and that’s not how it goes down, you fucking know I’m dialing 911 as soon as you walk out that door.


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