How YouTube Ruined Rap (Shift x Izzy x Swagneto)

You’re fuckin boy Swagneto back at it again.
If you haven’t seen his feature on our website before, click HERE to relive the fuckin horrid moment.

This time he brought along two more talented MC’s to storm the viral world of YouTube.

And being that we’re all about servicing our community over here at loudmouse, I decided to breakdown each ultra-talented MC in the line-up just incase you’re not going to watch the clip below.

Your ass needs to Shift over to a gym before you start rapping.
Straight lookin like you doin rap movements in place of exercising.
He got some throbwack 1997 Fossil watch on in his parents house, rockin back and forth with zero equation of style.
If I ever need a soundtrack to committing suicide, I’ll be sure to give you a play before ending my life.

Izzy :
This guy needs no lyrics. Why? He got props to make him look cool instead.
It’s already bad your Asian and rapping, you got Dragonball Z figurines that you jack-off to on display for the whole world to see.
I’m not knocking your hustle bro, but you might be feeling Izzy cause your fat ass decided to get some air for a change.
I don’t even know what the hell you’re rapping about! Do yourself a favor and take 10 steps back, and fall off the roof.

Swagneto : know this was planned.
You know Shift and Izzy couldn’t fuck with Swagneto, so they left him for last.
With that 1 of 1 Zelda painting, and his trademark Snapback hat he wears for every single video, he couldn’t be ANY sicker.
“It’s Shark Week now they BITIN ME”


Don’t even thank us for the hits.

P.S. – Sorry fo fuckin up your mornings


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