T.I. – Fuck Da City Up Mixtape Trailer


Man I been fuckin’ with T.I. since Trap Muzik, which to some is not too early but being that we’re out in the West, the low-key Southern music gets to our circuits a little late.

I don’t like using the word “swagger” too much and don’t like hearing it much either.
But there’s no way you can bring him up without using that word.
He just makes everything look cool.
From tilting hats in an impossible angle, to making you steal all of your teachers rubberbands and placing them on your wrist, trendsetter for sure.

I kinda got off him for a bit after his 1241414th time going to jail, and around the time he dropped Paper Trail.
I thought he got a little too soft and too preachy, and I enjoyed the “gutta” T.I. a little too much.
But man, I guess he done been through some shit cause he back like he never left with some of that “Urban Legend” shit.
Something about T.I. making me wanna talk all slangish and country, nam tamm bout shawty?

Here’s some of that New New. Pun intended.


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