Somewhere In The Philipines, Manny Pacquaio is High Fiveing Somebody

ARE YOU HAPPY PACQUAIO? ARE YOU HAPPY? You get to be the president of your little fucking islands, while Mayweather rots in jail? Listen buddy sign the fucking contract to fight the guy and lets fucking get ready to rumble. Nobody wants to see you fight all these nobodies. Get the superfight over with so that boxing can die already. Mayweather is so sick of just laying everybody out that he’s moved on to beating up people outside the rink. If you take your work outside of your job, problems are bound to happen.

Take pornstars for instance. Like if Sasha Gray decided one day that she was sick of big dicks and wanted to know what it’d be like to fuck some Korean guys, that would create all kinds of problems for the porno indusrty. Nobody wants to see a tiny censored dick in Sasha’s asshole. We’re looking for hung like a horse beasts who fuck her to the point where she can’t walk straight. Not some “is it in yet” censored amateur nonsense. And then that might lead to a bigger problem. What if she started liking it? Like small penises were what was missing for orgasming. Strange as it sounds, this analogy applies to the Mayweather situation. You don’t feed him opponents that are going to challenge the man and he’s going to start sucking the smaller dicks. In this case beat up a woman and spend 90 days in jail.


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