Great Conversation

According to, 4 Great Facebook Conversations. The word great is so fucking overused these days, it disgusts me. This burger is great. That car is great. Her tits look great. You’re eating a Big Mac, that’s a Daewoo, and that’s Adele. Check out some “Great” conversations I’ve had after the jump.

-Me: Hey why are we going all the way to Glendale Galleria to sell your gold?
Z: they give me very a lot of money
Me: wait… huh?
Z: yeah its pretty good enough

-A commercial for Interview with a Vampire comes on TV. (movie with Brad Pitt)
After the commercial someone changes the channel to someone being interviewed
Z: is that the vampire they’re interviewing?
-On the way back from Vegas I get a text and read it out loud: “are there a gang of traffic”
Z: wait that makes sense like ‘mama why are not there gonna be a gang of traffic’

– on the topic of going to mexico for spring break and what we need to go
Me: wait we need a passport i dont think all of us can go
Z: no you dont need a passport for mexico, you only need it for the new mexico

– upon finding out that we have to leave our camping site asap
Z: hurry guys we have to consume our time

– upon finding out we have too much food at the campsite
Z: conserve the food! we have too much

– around super bowl season
Z: wait why are they called new england patriots. do they play in uk
z#2: no stupid why would they play in russia

– while hiking z wore a shirt that said 5k
Me: hey z when did you run the 5k
Z: oh my mom ran it. i dont know how she ran those 5000 miles

-Me: hey did you give him the money yet
Z: no i have to broke it off at his church tonight

-Me: wait lets just eat here why go all the way over there
Z: thats how much more good it is

-Z3: damn you’ve got to try Taylor’s flaming yawn.
Me: is that a drink?
Z3: nah daw. the steak you know flaming yawn.
Me: oh filet mignon?
Z3: thats what i said

-Z2: i think im going to go get a haircut. should i cut it longer?

-Z: i hate pork its so nasty
later on at denny’s
Z: can i get a grand slam but instead of pancakes and eggs can i get bacon
Me: you know bacon is pork right?
Z: no its pig
even later on at gogi jib
Z: lets get samgyupssal
Me: thats pork too

-Me: what would you do if you were the last person on earth
Z6: nothings even fun since you have nobody to do anything with
Z: if i were the last, i’d make the human
Me: make the human?
Z: yeah. i wonder how will smith did it in the Legend movie

-Z: omg let him dont come to me

-Z5: how do you spell scuba?

-Z: you need to marry a girl you need a marry
-Z2: youre dumb
-Z: youre more dumber
-Zunknown: you’ve never had anal leakage before?

-Z: i got a job at korean airlines
Me: nice. any perks
Z: yeah i get 50% off tickets after 6 months
Me: wow thats a lot
Z: yeah its like almost half

-upon receiving tea
Me: can’t i get regular water this tea tastes funny
Z: we don’t have white water at my house

-Z:hey since obama is dead, isnt gas going to go down now?

-Me: lets just go to lake arrowhead for memorial day weekend
Z2: i dont know its kind of far
Me: yeah its pretty hot at the cabin too
Z2: duh it’s common meteorology. the closer you are to the sun the hotter it gets. so the higher you go up, of course its gonna get hotter


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