Say Good-bye to Venice Beach

California has hundreds of beautiful beaches along its coast. But the beach is not why most of the 16 million annual visitors to Venice Beach come to the tourist spot. They come for the famed boardwalk of eccentric street performers and colorful vendors.However, to the chagrin of some of those Venice vendors, the Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to restrict the items that vendors on the west side of the boardwalk can sell.In the video below, Councilman Bill Rosendahl explained the rationale behind the vote, “Over the years the commercial vendors had taken over the west side [of the boardwalk] and it’s not fair to vendors on the east side, where people pay taxes.”While the east side of the Venice’s Ocean Front Walk is home to permanent, tax-paying vendors, the west side has a daily first-come, first-serve system for reserving vendor spots. As the Los Angeles Times reports, this system has led to young people reserving spots overnight as a way to make money. But with limited spots available, Rosendahl explained, “Chaotic space fighting all the time has taken place. I was there on the beach at four in the morning and saw an incredible set of situations there that don’t belong there because there’s no rules or regulations.” To resolve the violence over vendor spots, the new ordinance, drafted by City Attorney Carmen Trutanich, states that no person will be allowed to reserve a spot before 9am.

What the… Nobody goes to Venice Beach to swim or bbq. They go to buy shit. They go to look at the ridiculous street performers and the And1 ballers. Some people even go to the Golds Gym to workout or check out juiceheads. A couple months ago my dumb friend’s even dumber brother wanted a Pitbull for his 2 bedroom apartment. I got dragged along to go buy the dog. Naturally I thought we were going to a pet store. Maybe even a Craigslist advertiser. Nope we went to Venice Beach. While walking down the pier I got offered all kinds of weird shit to buy. Weed Licenses, tattoos, skateboards, artwork, just all kinds of nonsense. You know what’s even more fucking crazy? There were kids walking around with half open backpacks selling fucking pitbulls. It’s unheard of. You can buy anything at Venice Beach. Hawaiian necklaces, weed licenses, cocaine, guns, and apparently pitbulls. Take all of this away and all you’re left with is just another beach.

Guy is a complete tool but I couldn’t find a better video showing Venice Beach.


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