Sportscience is Probably the Coolest Nerd Show…ever

Anybody who doesn’t love Sport Science is gay. Not gay like you like dicks, gay as in the elementary definition of you are fucking lame and you need to get the fuck out of here. I have never seen a bad sports science episode. Not one. My favorite two are the skywalker and the nut kicking. My favorite 2, that is until I saw ex-Lakers Jordan Farmar and Sasha Vujacic. I mean right off the bat if mention dunking and shooting free throws, I picture Vujacic and Farmar. Sure Vujacic only averages 0.9 free throws a game and I know Farmar makes 2.8 field goals a game, but you know one of those is going to be an NBA Hangtime-esque dunk right? Seriously Kupchak what the hell? How could you let these 2 go? Everybody knows they were the heart and soul behind the Lakers 3 peat. That’s why they lost to the Mavs last year. No Vujacic and Farmer equals no championships. Screw Dwight and C3P0, get these 2 back and you’re contenders again.

PS. Does Sasha Vujacic look like Dave Navarro or does Dave Navarro look like Sasha Vujacic. These are bad pictures but trust me some separated at birth shit going on.


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