Why are these old folks always Japs? Who the fuck wants to live to be 115? No fuckin one except Jack Lalanne but at least his juicer lives on and i gota say the thing is fuckin
amazing. #1 reason i dont wanna live til 115 is because i dont want to wolf down erectile dysfunction meds like they fuckin skittles. I want to be young and spry, penis full of fuckin life, wolfin down skittles cuz i scored a fuckin touchdown ala Marshawn Lynch . #2 reason i do not want to live to be 115 is because even if i was able to achieve an erection through the wonders of medicine i cannot participate in one of my favorite acts of degradation…. bukakke. Do men still produce baby batter at 115? I highly doubt it but if i did i wouldnt be able to muster up the strength to shoot my load on the bitches face. And everyone knows if theres 1 key technique to bukakke its the art of shooting the load. You never want your penis too close to a cum covered face so a good strong shot is key… UNLESS the bitch is Arriany. Ill stick my penis in any one of her orifices cum covered, red ant covered, herpes covered, whatever im taking my chances with Arriany all day long. Back to bukakke… this Chiyono Hasegawa that jus croaked at 115 might have been the first ever recipient of bukakke. I mean bukakke was invented in Japan right? Sounds freaky and Japanese enough to be classified as a Jap invention to me. I need to get to the bottom of this. While i do some research into bukakke and its origins ill leave you with this… The Jap women seem to have this whole aging thing figured out, get your face caked in cum every once in awhile and you live forever. So ladies ditch the anti aging cream or whatever non-sense yall use and grab a few dudes at your local bar and invite em over for bukakke, itll much cheaper probably free. Take that $ and go get yourself a nice pair of tits or ass. Best free tip youll ever get ladies. FUCK what your seventeen magazine says.


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